Here is a detailed timeline of the Sunburn Festival 2007 to 2023:


- February: The inaugural Sunburn Festival takes place on the sandy beaches of Vagator, Goa, India, featuring an eclectic mix of electronic music artists and DJs.
- The festival receives significant acclaim for its vibrant atmosphere and diverse lineup, attracting both local and international attendees.


- Sunburn Festival experiences a surge in popularity, drawing a larger crowd and showcasing an expanded roster of world-renowned DJs and performers.
- The event solidifies its reputation as one of Asia's premier electronic music festivals, setting the stage for its continued growth and international recognition.


- Sunburn Festival introduces innovative stage designs and immersive art installations, enhancing the overall sensory experience for attendees.
- The festival's emphasis on cutting-edge visual technology and stage production further solidifies its position as a pioneering force in the global electronic music scene.


- Sunburn Festival expands its offerings with the introduction of curated experiential zones, catering to diverse interests and preferences within the electronic music community.
- The event showcases a diverse lineup of emerging and established artists, fostering an inclusive environment for musical exploration and discovery.


- Sunburn Festival expands its reach beyond the shores of Goa, organizing satellite events in key cities across India, including Mumbai, Bangalore, and Delhi.
- The festival's expansion contributes to the widespread acceptance and mainstream popularity of electronic music culture throughout the country.


- Sunburn Festival further diversifies its programming, incorporating live art installations, interactive workshops, and wellness activities to create a holistic festival experience for attendees.
- The event's commitment to fostering a vibrant and immersive cultural environment solidifies its status as a pivotal platform for artistic expression and creative collaboration.


- Sunburn Festival continues to host annual editions in Goa, consistently attracting a diverse and international audience of music enthusiasts, artists, and industry professionals.
- The festival reinforces its commitment to showcasing cutting-edge music and visual artistry, setting new standards for excellence and innovation within the global electronic music festival circuit.


- Sunburn Festival expands its presence across India, organizing multi-city tours and satellite events in major metropolitan centers, including Hyderabad, Pune, and Kolkata.
- The festival's efforts contribute to the decentralization of electronic music culture, fostering a more inclusive and accessible environment for fans and artists from diverse regions and backgrounds.


- Sunburn Festival navigates the challenges posed by the global pandemic by pivoting to virtual and hybrid formats, hosting online music experiences and digital festivals to maintain engagement with its global audience.
- The event leverages digital platforms and technology to deliver immersive and interactive experiences, underscoring its resilience and adaptability in the face of unprecedented circumstances.
The Sunburn Festival continues to evolve and innovate, leaving an indelible mark on the global electronic music landscape through its commitment to artistic excellence, technological innovation, and the celebration of cultural diversity.

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