Yo, party people! Brace yourselves for a sonic supernova as Sunburn Arena crashes into Ballr, Pune on December 30th, bringing with it the legendary Timmy Trumpet, ready to blow your mind (and eardrums) with his infectious trumpet anthems. But that's not all, fam! This galactic rave rodeo is gonna be lit AF with Greff, DJ Nairo, and Vishvek supporting, ready to drop fire beats that'll have you breakdancing on the ceiling (metaphorically, of course, venue security might frown upon that).

sunburn arena full lineup with timmy-trumpetsunburn arena with Timmy, greff, nairo, viishvek.

Timmy Trumpet: The Godfather of trumpet-infused EDM, Timmy T ain't your average DJ. This Aussie maestro is a living, breathing party machine, guaranteed to turn Ballr into a pulsating dance floor of epic proportions. Think pyrotechnics, confetti cannons, enough bass to drop Richter scales, and Timmy's signature "Waka Waka" that'll have you chanting like a demented army. Buckle up, Pune, you're in for a wild ride.

Greff: This Dutch deck-wrecker is no stranger to Sunburn stages, having scorched dance floors with his genre-bending mixes. Expect a potent cocktail of future bass, trap, and electro house that'll leave you begging for more. Get ready to lose yourself in Greff's sonic vortex, it's a trip you won't wanna miss.

DJ Nairo: Hailing from Mumbai, DJ Nairo's got the desi beats to set your soul on fire. This turntablist extraordinaire blends Bollywood bangers with international club anthems, creating a masala mixtape that'll have you dancing like nobody's watching (except maybe Timmy Trumpet, who'll be throwing you thumbs up from the stage).

Vishvek: Don't underestimate the power of the local boy! Vishvek's got the Pune crowd on lock with his high-energy sets that blend crowd-pleasing EDM with underground bangers. Expect the unexpected, and prepare to skank your heart out as Vishvek reps Pune on the Sunburn Arena stage.

So, why should you give a flying falafel about this Sunburn shindig?

    • Timmy Trumpet: Enough said.
    • Epic lineup: Greff, DJ Nairo, and Vishvek ain't chopped liver either, they're fire.
    • Sunburn Arena: Renowned for its insane production, Sunburn Arena promises a mind-blowing audio-visual spectacle that'll leave you speechless (if the bass doesn't vibrate your vocal cords to oblivion first).
    • Ballr, Pune: This swanky venue is gonna transform into a dance floor wonderland, complete with lasers,fog machines, and enough bass to make your fillings do the Macarena.
    • New Year's Eve Eve: What better way to send off 2023 and welcome 2024 than with a massive rave under the Pune sky?


So, Pune, get ready to Sunburn the Arena with Timmy Trumpet and his crew! This is gonna be a night etched in dancefloor history, a sonic odyssey you won't wanna miss. Let your inner freak flag fly, unleash your rave gremlin, get ready to party like there's no tomorrow (or hangover) and You can purchase tickets and find out more here.


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