VH1 Supersonic 2024, one of India's most anticipated music festivals, has finally unveiled its second headliner, and it's not Skrillex as many fans had anticipated. Instead, the festival have confirmed that ASAP Ferg will be taking the stage as one of the main acts for the event.



The announcement has sent waves of surprise and mixed reactions throughout the EDM community, as fans were eagerly awaiting the possibility of seeing Skrillex (9 time grammy winner), one of the most renowned electronic music artists, grace the stage at VH1 Supersonic.

However, despite the initial disappointment expressed by some EDM enthusiasts, the inclusion of ASAP Ferg promises to bring a unique and diverse flavor to the festival. Known for his dynamic performances and genre-blending style, ASAP Ferg is sure to captivate audiences with his energetic stage presence and chart-topping hits.

While Skrillex's absence may leave some fans longing for his signature sound and electrifying performances, it's essential to recognize the festival's efforts to showcase a diverse lineup of artists spanning various genres and musical styles. VH1 Supersonic has consistently aimed to cater to a wide range of musical tastes, ensuring that attendees experience an eclectic mix of performances that transcend traditional boundaries.

As the anticipation continues to build for VH1 Supersonic 2024, fans can look forward to a lineup that promises an unforgettable musical journey, featuring both established icons and rising stars from the global music scene. From EDM to hip-hop, reggae to rock, the festival remains committed to delivering an immersive and inclusive experience for music lovers of all backgrounds.


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