Nina Kraviz, a name synonymous with hypnotic techno sets and captivating stage presence, has established herself as a true pioneer in the electronic music scene. Her notable works, both in the studio and on festival stages, have earned her international acclaim and a devoted following worldwide. the "queen of contemporary techno," is embarking on an India tour in December 2023. Here are the details:

Nina Kraviz Goa:
    • Date: Sunday, December 17, 2023
    • Time: 2:00 PM to 10:00 PM
    • Venue: Echo Arena, Goa
    • Organizer: Gener8 Experiences
    • Ticket: click here

Nina Kraviz Mumbai:

    • Date: Saturday, December 16, 2023
    • Time: 4:00 PM onwards
    • Venue: NESCO Hall 4, Mumbai
    • Organizer: Gener8
    • Ticket: click here

Nina Kraviz's musical journey:

Nina Kraviz's musical journey is marked by a string of notable releases that showcase her talent as a producer and her unique take on electronic music. Some of her most acclaimed works include:

    • Ghetto Kraviz (2011): This debut EP marked Nina Kraviz's arrival on the scene with its signature blend of techno, acid house, and electro. The title track, "Ghetto Kraviz," became a global hit and earned her a nomination for Best Newcomer at the DJ Awards.
      Image of Nina Kraviz Ghetto Kraviz album cover
    • Mr. Jones (2013): This EP solidified Nina Kraviz's reputation as a leading producer, featuring the iconic track "I'm Week." This infectious tune became a staple in techno sets worldwide, cementing her position as a major force in the genre.
      Image of Nina Kraviz Mr. Jones album cover
    • stranno stranno. neobjatno. (2019): This album marked a new chapter in Nina Kraviz's musical exploration. She delved into a wider range of genres, showcasing her versatility and experimental side. Tracks like "Skyscrapers" and "Pochuvstvuy Sebe" demonstrate her ability to create emotional and atmospheric soundscapes.
      Image of Nina Kraviz stranno stranno. neobjatno. album cover
      Nina Kraviz stranno stranno album cover

Collaborations that Push Boundaries:

Nina Kraviz has collaborated with some of the most respected names in electronic music, further solidifying her reputation as a true artist. These collaborations have resulted in some memorable and groundbreaking releases, such as:

    • "Moses" (2010) with Sascha Funke: This track became a global hit and redefined the sound of techno with its dark and hypnotic atmosphere. It remains a staple in DJ sets and a testament to the creative synergy between Nina Kraviz and Sascha Funke.
      Image of Nina Kraviz Moses album cover
    • "Skyscrapers" (2021) with Jean-Michel Jarre: This collaboration brought together two generations of electronic music pioneers. The track blends their respective styles seamlessly, creating a captivating and futuristic sound.
      Image of Nina Kraviz Skyscrapers album cover
    • REKIDS Remixes: Nina Kraviz's releases on the influential REKIDS label have often featured remixes by renowned producers like Ben Klock and Marcel Dettmann. These remixes offer fresh perspectives on her music and highlight the respect she commands within the electronic music community.
      Image of Nina Kraviz REKIDS Remixes album cover

Festival Performances that Ignite Crowds:

Beyond her studio work, Nina Kraviz is renowned for her electrifying live performances at renowned festivals worldwide. Her captivating stage presence, combined with her diverse and innovative sets, leaves audiences mesmerized and wanting more. Some of her most memorable festival appearances include:

    • Time Warp Germany 2023: This performance showcased Nina Kraviz's mastery of techno, delivering a pulsating set that kept the crowd moving throughout the night.
    • Awakenings Festival 2023: At Awakenings, Nina Kraviz took the audience on a journey through different styles of electronic music, showcasing her versatility and ability to connect with the crowd on an emotional level.
    • Tomorrowland 2023: Her performance at Tomorrowland was a captivating blend of techno, acid house, and electro, creating a dynamic and unforgettable experience for the crowd.
      Nina Kraviz Awakenings Festival 2023 video 

She continues to push boundaries and explore new sonic landscapes, solidifying her position as a leading figure in the electronic music scene. Whether in the studio or on stage, Nina Kraviz's dedication to quality music and her undeniable talent have earned her a place among the greats of electronic music. 

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