Marshmello, the enigmatic producer known for his masked persona and chart-topping anthems, has sparked excitement in the EDM scene with his recent pronouncements and musical output. After venturing into pop territory and garnering billions of streams, he's declared a triumphant return to his roots – the pulsating world of electronic dance music.


This electrifying shift is marked by the release of "MOVEMENT," a powerful collaboration with rising dubstep star HOL!, from his upcoming 6-tracks (Gifts for community..)

"MOVEMENT" - Marshmello, HOL!

"MOVEMENT" serves as the first taste of Marshmello's EDM resurgence, and it's already setting dance floors ablaze. Released on February 10th, 2024, the track amassed an impressive 531,818 streams on Spotify within a day, a testament to the anticipation surrounding his return. The song is a force to be reckoned with, characterized by HOL! and Marshmello production and Dubstep energy .





But "MOVEMENT" is just the beginning. The upcoming 6-track project promises a diverse soundscape, showcasing Marshmello's versatility and collaborative spirit. Fans can expect a thrilling journey through the spectrum of EDM, with collaborations featuring renowned names like Excision, SVDDEN DEATH, samplifire, and Hayd. 

1. Marshmello - Alone x @vulllgur - Bile (@pykedubz Remix)
2. Mellodeath - Fireball (ft. @haydentree93 / @crowntheempire )
3. Marshmello x @excision x @svddendeath - ID
4. Marshmello x @hol.mp3 - Movement
5. Marshmello x Excision - ID
6. Marshmello x @samplifire - ID

A Return to Roots Fueled by Artistic Evolution

Marshmello's decision to return to EDM stems from his desire to challenge himself and reconnect with the sound that launched his career. He expressed this sentiment in a recent tweet:

"Being an artist is all about challenging yourself and going outside of your comfort zone. I did that with billions of streams but now I'm going back to what got me here in the first place. Dance music."

This return seems to be a wellspring of creative energy and Fans hyped for upcoming music..

A Defining Moment for Marshmello and EDM

Marshmello's EDM comeback is a significant event for the music industry. His influence extends far beyond the genre, and his return could signal a wider shift in the musical landscape. With "MOVEMENT" already generating excitement, the upcoming 6-track project is poised to be a defining moment in Marshmello's career, attracting both his dedicated fanbase and new listeners eager to experience the electrifying energy of his music. So, put on your dancing shoes, crank up the volume, and prepare to be swept away by the movement Marshmello is creating.

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