The Magnetic Fields Festival 2023  is a three-day contemporary arts and music festival held in the desert village of Alsisar in Rajasthan, India. It is one of the most unique and immersive festivals in the country, and is known for its diverse lineup, eco-friendly atmosphere, and stunning setting.

Dates: December 15-17, 2023

Time: 12pm - 12am

Venue: Alsisar Palace, Alsisar, Rajasthan, India

Theme:  Preservation 

Magnetic Fields Festival 2023 Lineup

Night Artist Genre
Friday 20 Years of Numbers: Hudson Mohawke & Spencer Electronic
Friday Glass Beams Electronic
Friday Or:la Electronic
Friday Mella Dee Electronic
Friday Yu Su Electronic
Friday Dele Sosimi Electronic
Friday I. Jordan Electronic
Saturday Paula Tape Electronic
Saturday Kareem Ali Electronic
Saturday Orpheu The Wizard Electronic
Saturday Jennifer Loveless Electronic
Saturday DJ ADHD Electronic
Saturday Otik Electronic
Saturday Nosedrip Electronic
Sunday Jitwam (Live) Electronic
Sunday Moopie Electronic
Sunday Bake Electronic
Sunday Sandunes: The Ground Beneath Her Feet (Debut) Electronic
Sunday Resident Advisor: Dotdat & Amaliah B2B Danielle Electronic
Sunday Dolorblind presents 'No Signal' A/V (Debut) Electronic
Sunday Dualist Inquiry: 'When We Get There' A/V (Debut) Electronic
Sunday Dar Disku Electronic
Sunday Mixtress Electronic
Other Performances Aaguu presents: Solar Spirit feat. Aaguu x Alex Kassian, Taofu & Rishi Sippy Electronic
Other Performances Gazzi Electronic
Other Performances Gauley Bhai Electronic
Other Performances Vridian presents Etymon (Live Debut) Electronic
Other Performances Elle Shimada Electronic
Other Performances Fieldlines: _RHL & Umesh Warbhuvan, Nusrat Apoorv, Anuja Zokarkar & Vinay Sug



2022 After Party:

Tickets: Sold Out


  • Jameson Connects South Stage
  • BUDX North Stage
  • Ray-Ban Desert Oasis
  • The Peacock Club
  • Sundowner
  • The Other Stage
  • Jameson Connects Underground
  • BUDX Yard
  • Heritage Stage

    Jameson Connects South Stage 

Genre: Left-field experimentation, straight-edge techno, lush live instrumentation, soulful singer-songwriters, crate-diggers' delights, authentic folk arts, stories, unwinding, and more. Atmosphere: Discover new music and artists, experience something different from the mainstream

    BUDX North Stage

Genre: Innovative and challenging music, cutting edge of electronic music. Atmosphere: Intense and ardent bond with music, unique and magical sonic realms

    Ray-Ban Desert Oasis

Genre: Live music, from India and around the world. Atmosphere: Beautiful setting, surrounded by palm trees and desert dunes, unique and magical live music experience

    The Peacock Club

Genre: House and techno. Atmosphere: World-class sound system and state-of-the-art lighting rig, immersive and unforgettable clubbing experience


Genre: Mellow music. Atmosphere: Beautiful setting, hilltop overlooking the festival site, stunning views of the desert landscape, great place to wind down

    The Other Stage

Genre: Experimental and eclectic music. Atmosphere: Intimate atmosphere, focus on original music.

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