Indian techno is growing steadily and gaining international recognition. Over the past decade, there has been a surge of talented Indian techno artists producing high-quality music and performing at major festivals and clubs around the world and Here are notable Indian techno artists with albums, and popular tracks:

Artist Album  Popular Tracks
Arjun Vagale New World Order Vol. 1 Acid Test
Kohra Akho Acid Kidz
BLOT! Paradise lost
Ash Roy Vanilla bass Classy enemy
Hashback Hashish Candy
Diatonik New life
Audio Units system equilibrium Empathy Box
Stoked Java rain
Jay Pei Dark Horse
Stoked Metal Gear
 Aman Anand Zima Blue
Arnold (AFM) Domination *Clip*
Vilas Monnappa Forever
Asymetrik Mixed

Phalguna Somraj


White Shadows

SHFT Manga
Aardy Another time
Folic State Infinite
8-Bit Culprit Tripe tower
Shaun Moses Manipulated Deception
Ana Lilia Shakemann
Deepesh Sharma Let me In
Midnight Traffic Optimal
Dotdat PNQ
A Birth Defect Geometry Of Dreams 31
Color Ray Thought Is Everything
Skeef Menezes Messiah

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