DJ and electronic music producer Lilly Palmer has sent waves of excitement through the Indian music scene by announcing her much-anticipated India tour for 2023. In a double treat for music lovers, Lilly Palmer has not only set the stage for an electrifying India tour  but 3 weeks ago she also gifted fans with the release of her latest masterpiece, "My Fantasy." The official music video for the track, dropped on November 10, 2023.

The Lilly Palmer India coming up post

Indian fans eagerly waiting the live experience of Lilly Palmer's music, the release of "My Fantasy". The combination of a captivating music video and a series of live performances reflects Lilly Palmer's dedication to creating memorable experiences for her audience.

Details :

  • 8 December, Delhi, soho delhi
  • 9 December, Pune, waters bar kitchen 
  • 10 December, Hyderabad, prism hyderabad 
  • 15 December, Goa, Diaz Goa 
  • 16 December, Kolkata, West Side Pavillion 
  • 17 December, Bangalore, sunburn union


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