Belgian DJ and producer Like Mike has unveiled his debut album under the new alias HEREON, a project delving into the realm of melodic house and techno. Released on February 9th, 2024 via Tomorrowland Music, "HEREON" boasts 16 captivating tracks featuring collaborations with a diverse range of artists, including Adam Sellouk, BARELO, Doriann, and more.

More than just music, HEREON embodies a philosophy.

Emerging as an underground force in 2023, the project explores the connection between spiritual enlightenment and electronic music. Like Mike, under the guise of HEREON, seeks to uplift listeners through a seamless blend of frequencies, vocals, and sound waves, aiming to create a sonic experience that rebalances the human experience.

The 16-track album offers a diverse soundscape, seamlessly weaving between genres and cultures. Highlights include:

  • "Memory": A dark and minimalist masterpiece, captivating with its eerie atmosphere.
  • "Drift": A journey through layers of depth and euphoric production, starting with an airy intro.
  • "Warning": A hypnotic blend of atmospheric beats and dreamlike vocals.

Beyond the album, HEREON's future holds promise. While solo performances haven't been announced yet, Like Mike continues to tour as part of the iconic duo Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike. They're set to DJ at Tomorrowland's Winter festival and the brand's 20th-anniversary flagship event in Belgium this summer.

With its powerful message and captivating sounds, HEREON's debut album marks a significant moment in Like Mike's career and establishes him as a distinct voice in the electronic music landscape. His ability to blend haunting melodies with driving techno beats is sure to resonate with listeners worldwide, leaving them wanting more and eagerly anticipating his next sonic exploration.

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