Kedar Santwani, known professionally as Kenzani, is a Delhi-based DJ, producer, and singer-songwriter who, along with Rupinder Nanda (Tech Panda), forms one of the leading duos in Indian electronic music. Their unique blend of techno, downtempo, trip-hop, and traditional Indian sounds has redefined the genre and won them a dedicated fanbase across the globe.

Kedar Santwani, known professionally as Kenzani

Musical Journey :

Kenzani's musical journey began in 2018 when he met Tech Panda through social media. They instantly connected over their passion for experimentation and creating electronic music with Indian influences. Their first release, "Saawariya," established their distinct sound and marked the beginning of their remarkable musical partnership.

Over the years, Kenzani and Tech Panda have consistently released tracks and collaborations, further refining their style and garnering widespread acclaim. They often incorporate familiar vocal samples from Indian pop culture, adding a layer of nostalgia and emotional depth to their electronic soundscapes.

Some of their notable collaborations include:

    • Rusha & Blizza on "Dilbar" (2023): This chart-topping hit became their biggest success, garnering millions of streams and establishing them as major players in the global electronic music scene.
    • Aneesha on "Uncertainty" (2020): This collaboration showcased Kenzani's willingness to explore beyond dancefloor anthems and create introspective, atmospheric music.
    • Raxstar & Hari & Sukhmani on "Talk To Me Nice" (2023): This energetic track featured a Brit-Indian rapper and a folktronica duo, demonstrating Kenzani's versatility and openness to collaborations across genres.

Creative Approach and Technical Expertise:

Kenzani is known for his meticulous attention to detail and his ability to craft intricate soundscapes. He excels at mixing traditional Indian melodies with modern electronic production techniques, creating a truly unique and evocative sound.

In interviews, Kenzani has emphasized the importance of experimentation and pushing boundaries within the realm of electronic music. He believes in blending different genres and influences to create music that transcends conventional labels and resonates with listeners on an emotional level.

Impact and Legacy:

Kenzani and Tech Panda's music has had a profound impact on the Indian electronic music scene. They have:

    • Paved the way for a new generation of artists: Their success has inspired countless musicians to explore Indian cultural influences and experiment with electronic music production.
    • Gained international recognition: Their music has garnered fans and acclaim worldwide, putting Indian electronic music on the global map.
    • Pioneered innovative live performances: Their captivating stage presence and use of audiovisuals have elevated the live experience for electronic music in India.


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