Hold onto your headphones, ravers, because Sunburn just dropped a banger of an announcement: Illenium, one of Billboard's top Dance Music Artists, is finally gracing India with his first-ever tour with Sunburn and Get ready for three nights of euphoric melodies, heart-pounding basslines, and an audiovisual odyssey like no other, alongside support from the rising star of melodic techno, Blanke.

sunburn announcement flyer(picture) of Illelium and Blanke India tour 

illenium and Blanke India tour february 2024

From conquering the world's biggest festivals to topping the charts with tracks like "Good Times" and "Ascend," Illenium has woven his own brand of magic into the fabric of electronic music. Now, he brings his sonic storm to BAYVIEW LAWNS Mumbai (23rd February), MANPHO CONVENTION CENTRE Bengaluru (24th February), and DLF CYBER CITY SURFACE PARKING Delhi NCR (25th February) – prepare to lose yourself in his immersive sets as you dance under the Indian sun. (Note : Venue to be announced)

 Illenium India Tour Schedule: Date, Venue

City Date Venue
Mumbai 23 February BAYVIEW LAWNS


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Illenium india tour 2024 with blanke

Art show casing Illenium and its wings with Blanke shadow  

Illenium music and sets:-

his sets are mind-blowing. Forget concerts, they're rave journeys. Here's what you're in for:
    • Bass that rattles your bones: Feel the floor thump every time he drops a beat. It's pure headbanging heaven.
    • Melodies that soar like rockets: Sing your heart out to anthems that make you wanna reach for the stars. 
    • Vocals that hit you right in the feels: Whether it's a tearjerker ballad or a hype-up banger, the lyrics will resonate deep. 
    • Visuals that melt your brain: Lasers, lights, and trippy screens take you on a wild ride through ILLENIUM's musical world.


Think Lost Lands energy meets Electric Forest vibes, all blended with ILLENIUM's signature melodic dubstep magic. It's pure dance floor therapy, a rollercoaster of emotions, and visual feast all rolled into one.

so, here are few Illenium's live moments:


1. TRILOGY: Colorado 2023


2. Electric Forest 2023 Grand Arcanum Set

3. Ultra music festival Miami 2022

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