"Gulabi Sharara" (Kumaoni : [गुलाबी सराराtransl."Pink Sharara" ) is a track by Pahadi singer Inder Arya and wrote by Girish Jeena. This song went viral after a reel was created by Bhawika Pradhan, and since then, people from all around the world, including teachers and foreigners, have been grooving to it.

"Gulabi Sharara"

 Gulabi Sharara

Single by Inder Arya and Girish Jeena

Released 6 Aug 2023
Length 3:58 
Label Young Uttarakhand Group
Songwriter Girish Jeena
Music Producer Mangolisaab
Mix Master A1 Music Factory


Inder Arya singles chronology

  • "Jhumka Wali" 2024
  • "Gulabi Sharara" 2023
  • "Mathu Mathu" 2022

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