Siddhanth Kapoor (born 6 July 1984) better known by his stage name Bullzeye, is Indian music producer and DJ

Bullzeye dj

Early Life:

Bullzeye was born in Mumbai on 6 July 1984 to actor name Shakti Kapoor and Shivangi Kolhapure. His ancestry is Marathi and Punjabi. Growing up, Bullzeye developed a keen interest in electronic music at the age of 6-7. His early exposure to the captivating background scores of Hollywood films, particularly those from the hook soundtrack and ET soundtrack, fueled his passion for the world of sound. This early fascination with music set the stage for Bullzeye's future endeavors as a trailblazing DJ and music producer.


Bullzeye officially embarked on his musical journey in 1999 when he took the stage as a DJ. Initial performances included sets at pool parlors, gradually evolving to showcase his talent in more established venues. Notably, his first major club experience took place at HeadQuarters Dallas, where he skillfully blended electronic genres, incorporating drum and bass, house, trance, and techno into his sets.

The early 2000s marked a pivotal period for Bullzeye when, between 2001 and 2002, he found himself engrossed in the underground music scene of New York. Attending illegal Warehouse Raves, often armed with fake IDs, Bullzeye immersed himself in a transformative period that became the crucible for his musical education. at early stages of his career, he faced financial constraints that led him to burned CDs in performances due to a lack of resources to purchase new ones. Undeterred by these challenges, he continued to explore and master a myriad of electronic music genres, including trance, psytrance, techno, melodic, liquid, drum & bass, hard house, and ambient.

Major Breakthroughs : A breakthrough moment occurred in 2002-2003 when Bullzeye played alongside esteemed artists such as Scazi, Infected Mushroom, and Asterix at the Fire & Ice Club, owned by Ketan Kadam. 

2023: he had become a formidable force in the global electronic music scene. Noteworthy achievements included playing for a crowd of 12,000 at Sunburn Arena and securing bookings at prestigious European venues in Amsterdam, Berlin and at the world’s largest techno festival Awakenings in Hilvarenbeek (where he did crowd opening for Mixmag Lab stage on the first day. Beyond his accomplishments as a performer, Bullzeye demonstrated a commitment to nurturing emerging talent by serving as a mentor at DJ Rummy Sharma’s music production education camp, The Bootcamp-Goa. he released his first-ever solo EP, 'Kreature,' on December 22, via Movement Records.

2024: In lineup of Awakenings Summer 


  • Transparency (2019)

  • Shadows (2020)

  • Kreature (2023)




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