Tomorrowland tickets can be notoriously tough to snag. It's like the holy grail of the festival world, and the competition is fierce! But hey, where there's a will, there's a way. 💪


Remember, even seasoned Tomorrowland veterans have faced the struggle. It's all part of the experience, and the thrill of finally scoring those tickets makes it all the sweeter. So, let's tackle this together and turn that "tough" into "triumph"

Preparation for Tomorrowland tickets:

  1. Create a Tomorrowland Account: Do this at least two hours before the sale starts. You'll need it for all official sales and pre-sales.
  2. Register for the Global Journey Pre-Sale (Optional): This gives you early access, but it's competitive.
  3. Know Your Ticket Options: General Admission, DreamVille packages, Comfort Passes, etc. Each has its own perks and price point.
  4. Have Payment Information Ready: Credit card with enough limit for international payments, ideally.
  5. Review the Waiting List: In case things go south, join the official waiting list for returned tickets.

Buying During a Sale:

  1. Log In to Your Tomorrowland Account: Be early, the queue can be long.
  2. Go to the Ticket Shop: Click the link at the designated sale time.
  3. Select Your Tickets: Choose your desired type, quantity, and add-ons (Comfort Pass, bracelet shipping).
  4. Personalize Your Passes (Later): Fill in names and emails for each ticket (deadline in confirmation email).
  5. Verify Details and Pay Immediately: Don't dilly-dally, slow payments lead to cancellations.
  6. Confirmation and E-Ticket: You'll receive an email with your order number. Save it!
  7. Bracelet Delivery/Pickup: Choose your method (e-ticket or physical bracelet) according to your ticket type.

Additional Tips:

    • Refresh Constantly: Especially during high-traffic periods like the general sale.
    • Be Patient: Sales can be stressful, stay calm and focused.
    • Consider Multiple Devices: In case one crashes, have a backup ready.
    • Follow Tomorrowland on Social Media: They announce sales and important updates there.
    • Join Tomorrowland Communities: Facebook groups and forums offer advice and support.

Remember, even with these steps, getting Tomorrowland tickets can be tough. Be prepared for quick action, potential disappointment, and persistence. 

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