Finally Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike, released the Official Video of 1 month old track Thank You (Not So Bad) with more than 3 million+ views.

the Video begin with Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike - Tomorrowland 2023 Mainstage Set, then induction of other Artists  Tiësto, W&W with the  Tomorrowland 2023 crazy performances to places sounds reach. 

 "Thank You (Not So Bad)" by Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike, Tiësto, Dido, and W&W

is more than just a dance floor burner. It's a story of unwavering dedication, unexpected turns, and ultimately, a global anthem uniting crowds across genres and generations.

This electrifying track wasn't born on a drawing board. It originated as a bootleg, Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike's passionate reimagining of Dido's iconic "Thank You" for their Ushuaïa Ibiza shows. W&W's signature trance sound infused the melody, creating a stadium-ready chant that ignited audiences instantly. But what started as a club phenomenon caught the attention of a legend - Tiësto. Recognizing its potential, he joined forces, elevating the composition to the festival anthem it is today.

Initially conceived as a cover, nobody, not even in their wildest dreams, imagined Dido herself joining the party. Yet, social media, the great equalizer, intervened. Viral live clips reached Dido, and surprisingly, she gave her blessing, her vocals lending an emotional depth that resonated with millions.

Thus, "Thank You (Not So Bad)" transcended genres, finding champions in DJs across the spectrum. From the grand mainstages with David Guetta, Diplo, and Armin van Buuren to the underground sets of Vintage Culture and Gordo, everyone embraced this exceptional record. Its reach extended beyond nightclubs, with fans incorporating live recordings into their social media, influencing major sporting events like the Champions League and WWE.

It's a testament to the power of collaborative spirit. What started as a bootleg by two DJs paying homage to a classic grew into a global phenomenon, fueled by Tiësto's expertise and Dido's serendipitous approval. "Thank You (Not So Bad)" is not just a song; it's a story of unexpected turns, genre-bending unity, and the undeniable power of music to uplift and ignite. So, crank up the volume, raise your hands, and thank your lucky stars for this unexpected gift that reminds us, even on the rainiest days, things can be, well, not so bad.

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