Udyan Sagar, better known by his stage name Nucleya, is a force to be reckoned with in the Indian music scene. His pulsating bass lines, energy, and seamless blend of electronic music with traditional Indian sounds.

dj Nucleya with its all albums "tota Maya" "Kocha Monster" "Raja Baja" "Bass Rani" and new one Chamkillah


Early Life and Influences (1979-1998):

Born in Agra in 7 December 1979, to Manu Sagar and Raj Sagar. Nucleya's artistic inclinations manifested early. His grandfather's prophetic declaration that he will become a dancer . While schooling and college he don't enjoy study but held little charm for him, video games sparked his initial interest in digital manipulation. In 11th standard, he met Mayur Narvekar, a fellow music enthusiast, and their shared passion led them to mixing tracks, making tracks and In collage days at NID that Nucleya met his future wife, Smriti Choudhary.

Birth of Bandish Projekt and Experimentation (1998-2007):

In 1997,  Mayur and Udyan making music at bedroom and one day they meet Mahir nath chopra, who was doing an big party and looking for artists for opening act but he don't want bollywood. so, what Mayur and Udyan win that gig. but even there was absence of club culture in Ahmedabad. so,  they organized their own parties at friends' farmhouses, fostering a DIY approach and building a dedicated fan base. then he co-founded "private sochaley" with Mayur Narveka and Mahir nath chopra where did few gigs and release few albums on "local ahmdhabhad dance music" but the problem is that in hindi "sochaley" means "toilet" hence In 1998, "Private sochaley" become "Bandish Projekt" and In 2007, Udyan left Bandish Projekt after working with Mayur for about 12 years

Solo Journey and Finding "Nucleya" (2007-2013):

Leaving Bandish Projekt in 2007 was a turning point. Initially 3 years, facing struggles and questioning his musical direction, Nucleya found solace in introspection and a spiritual quest. It was during this period that he embarked on a journey to discover the sounds of Indian streets, from chai wallahs and street vendors to temple bells and old horror films. This sonic tapestry became the bedrock of his solo identity - "Nucleya."

"Desi Bass" Takes Over (2013-2019):

Nucleya's first EP, "Koocha Monster" (2013), released under the OML label, was a sonic explosion. With tracks like "Akkad Bakkad", he introduced the world to his infectious desi bass blend, captivating audiences with its playful fusion of electronica and Indian flavors. His debut album, "Bass Rani" (2015), launched in a vibrant street ceremony, cemented his place as the genre's pioneer. Subsequent albums like "Raja Baja" (2016) and "Tota Myna" (2019) further solidified his musical throne, featuring collaborations with artists like Divine, and Raftaar.

Different but Same (2020-2023):

Beyond Music: Collaborations and Recognition

Nucleya's influence extends beyond albums and live shows. He co-hosted and judged music competitions like Bacardi House Party Sessions and MTV Hustle, respectively. His energetic music videos are visual feasts, blending traditional imagery with futuristic aesthetics. He has performed at international festivals like EDC Las Vegas and Mexico, sharing his desi bass magic with the world. Collaborations with brands like AIB showcase his versatility and influence beyond the music sphere.

Nucleya Discography (2013-2024):-

Albums and EPs


Koocha Monster :

 Koocha Monster is 6 track Ep (Released 14 October, 2013),"Koocha" means "Street" in Hindi and "Monster" comes from the sound of the bass from dub step music. this Ep fuses the raw energy of Indian street & folk music with his signature bass heavy sound.The EP features a mix of collaborations with southern talent like Chinnaponnu, Delhi Sultanate and also features a reworked version of Dewarists track, Bangla Bass. and "Akkad Bakkad" is Most popular track from this Ep


Bass Rani :

Bass Rani is 7 track Album (Released 07 September 2015 at a Ganpati visarjan on the streets of Mumbai) features Artists like Avneet Khurmi, Sivamani, Chinna Ponnu, Shruti Pathak, Julius Sylvest, and Guri Gangsta and its "Aaja" "Laung Gawacha" with Avneet Khurmi and "Mumbai dance" with Julius Sylvest are most popular tracks.


Raja Baja :

Raja Baja is the second studio album, released on September 2, 2016 at NSCI Stadium Mumbai, Nucleya has sold out the Stadium, it contain 7 tracks

 Baaraat :

Baaraat is a collaborative  (EP) by Ritviz and Nucleya (released on 14 July 2021)  The EP features four tracks: "Sathi", "Ari Ari", "Roz", and "Baaraat". 

Chamkillah :

Chamkillah is Nucleya's upcoming album, with tracks like "Jogi", "Panchi",
"Kamli", "Lightyears", "Kobita", "Narenge Narenge" and feature artists 

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