KSHMR - KARAM is the third studio album by Indian-American DJ and record producer KSHMR, released on November 3, 2023. It is a concept album telling the story of a young man  who rises from poverty through illegal means, only to face the consequences of his choices. The album features a diverse range of musical styles, including hip-hop, electronic dance music, and Indian classical music, and boasts collaborations with over 20 artists including Seedhe Maut, KR$NA, Raftaar, Raja Kumari, Talha Anjum, and Munawar Faruqui.

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Concept and Narrative:

KSHRM's KARM presents a complex narrative with interwoven themes of ambition, greed, and retribution. The album chronicles his rise to power, fueled by ambition and a desire for a better life. However, his success comes at a cost, as he grapples with the consequences of his actions and confronts his own demons. The album's title, KARAM, translates to "action" or "deed" in Hindi, reflecting the central theme of choices and consequences.

Musical Style and Production:

KSHMR's signature blend of electronic dance music and Indian classical influences is prominently featured throughout the album. However, KARM also showcases a wider sonic palette, incorporating elements of hip-hop, trap, and rock. The album features a diverse range of featured artists, each contributing their unique style and voice to the narrative. The production is intricate and layered, creating a dynamic and immersive listening experience.

Critical Reception:

KSHMR - KARAM received positive reviews from critics, who praised its innovative musical fusion, compelling narrative, and strong production. The album was lauded for its ambitious storytelling, genre-bending approach, and powerful performances from its featured artists. It reached number 1 on the Billboard India charts and was nominated for several awards, solidifying KSHMR's position as a leading figure in Indian and global electronic music.


KSHMR - KARAM is considered a landmark album in Indian electronic music, pushing the boundaries of the genre and showcasing its potential for storytelling and thematic exploration. It has been praised for its social commentary, its exploration of complex human emotions, and its celebration of Indian culture and music. KARM is sure to be remembered as a groundbreaking album that redefined the possibilities of electronic music and left a lasting impact on the global music scene.

Track Listing:

  • The Beginning - Interlude (feat. Mantra, Ajim Mulani, Runjhun Satsangi, Rajesh Kava)
  • Dream (feat. IKKA, Karra)
  • The Plan - Interlude (feat. Rajesh Kava, Ajim Mulani)
  • Bhussi (feat. Seedhe Maut, Karan Kanchan)
  • The Money - Interlude (feat. Rajesh Kava, Roodhar)
  • Zero After Zero (feat. KR$NA, Talay Riley)
  • Upar Hi Upar (feat. Yashraj, Rawal)
  • Godfather (feat. Nazz)
  • Bhasadh - Interlude (feat. Rajesh Kava, Roodhar, Sumanto Ray)
  • All Fall Down (feat. Yashraj, Riar Saab, Raja Kumari)
  • B.I.G. (feat. Harjas, PUNA)
  • La Vida (feat. Dabzee, Vedan)
  • The Girl - Interlude (feat. Rajesh Kava, Roodhar, Saima Khan, Kunal Patil)
  • Haath Varthi (feat. MC Stan, Phenom)
  • Nasheeli Raat - Interlude (feat. Rajesh Kava, Roodhar)
  • Mere Bina (feat. The PropheC, Talha Anjum)
  • The Argument - Interlude (feat. Rajesh Kava, Saima Khan)
  • Maula (feat. Munawar)
  • The Call - Interlude (feat. Rajesh Kava, Roodhar)
  • Khoya Sab (feat. Yungsta, Lisa Mishra)
  • The Revenge - Interlude (feat. Ranbir Kapoor, Rajesh Kava)
  • Enemies (feat. Hanumankind, Yashraj)
  • Saanp - Interlude
  • Legacy (feat. Raftaar)

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