South African DJ and producer Justbradj set India ablaze with his pulsating beats and infectious energy on his recent 2024 tour. From the energetic opening night in Bangalore to the final beats dropped in Mumbai, Justbradj captivated audiences with his signature blend of Afro house, organic house, and tech house sounds.

justbradj india tour 2024JustBradj India Tour 2024

The tour kicked off on January 12th at Kaze in Bangalore, where Justbradj had the crowd moving from the very first track. His infectious stage presence and masterful mixing kept the energy high throughout the night, culminating in an unforgettable performance of his hit track "African Soul."

The next stop was Raeeth in Goa on January 13th, at 6 PM where the beachside setting provided the perfect backdrop for Justbradj's sun-drenched beats. The crowd swayed and danced under the stars, soaking up the good vibes and the tropical atmosphere. Justbradj's set perfectly complemented the Goan spirit, with his organic house selections creating a laid-back yet groovy atmosphere.

The final leg of the tour took place on January 14th at Opa in Mumbai, at 7 PM to 01:30 AM where Justbradj brought the house down with his high-energy tech house selections. The Mumbai crowd, known for its love of electronic music, was in full force, singing along to Justbradj's popular tracks and dancing until the early hours of the morning. Justbradj's closing set was a fitting end to the tour, leaving everyone wanting more.

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