For decades, Submerge has been synonymous with cutting-edge electronic music in India, carving a vibrant dancefloor ecosystem in the heart of the subcontinent. Now, to mark their 21st anniversary, they bring a Dutch titan of techno, Joris Voorn, for a three-city tour across Delhi, Goa, and Hyderabad.

Voorn's name in electronic music circles carries the weight of a sonic storm. His sets are renowned for their masterful navigation through the depths of techno and the euphoric peaks of electronica, weaving intricate tapestries of sound that transport listeners to another dimension. For Submerge's founders, Nikhil Chinapa and Pearl Seth, this is more than just a booking; it's a homecoming. Having witnessed Voorn's magic firsthand at Space, Ibiza, over 15 years ago, they've become devoted fans, witnessing his artistic evolution with each exhilarating set.

Brown coat music, known for their pulsating techno grooves, will join the party in Delhi and Goa, adding a local flavor to the global soundscape. In Hyderabad, Nandu, a rising star in the Indian electronic music scene, will bring his unique brand of progressive techno to the table.


schedule of Joris Voorn India tour:

Date Venue Ticket
February 2 Soho Club, Delhi Click here
February 3 Salud Kitchen & Lounge, Goa Click here
February 4 Xora Bar & Kitchen, Hyderabad, Click here


"To put it simply," Submerge declares, "we've heard Joris play across the world over 15 times, and he's never disappointed us!" This sentiment echoes the hearts of countless Indian techno and electronica enthusiasts who have long yearned to witness Voorn's wizardry firsthand.

Submerge's 21st birthday isn't just a celebration of their own journey; it's a testament to the vibrant electronic music scene that thrives in India. With Joris Voorn headlining this milestone event, it promises to be a night etched in sonic history, a night where India's dancefloors will truly erupt into a joyous cacophony of bass, beats, and pure, unadulterated music bliss.

Don't miss this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Let the music be your guide, and let Joris Voorn lead you on a journey you'll never forget.

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