Indo Warehouse is a New York City-based collective, experiential series, and record label established in February 2022. They seamlessly blend the rich tapestry of South Asian culture with contemporary electronic music, creating a vibrant and innovative sound dubbed "Indo House." Founded by DJ and producer duo Kahani (Armaan Gupta) and Kunal Merchant, Indo Warehouse has quickly amassed a devoted following, catapulting themselves from intimate gatherings to sold-out shows at renowned venues like Brooklyn Mirage and Avant Gardner.

Merging Traditions with Modernity:

The heart of Indo Warehouse lies in its authentic integration of South Asian elements into electronic music. Their diverse sonic palette draws inspiration from across the subcontinent, incorporating traditional instruments, vocal styles, and rhythmic patterns into pulsating house and techno beats. This unique fusion transcends geographical boundaries, fostering a sense of cultural inclusivity and celebrating the universal language of music.

From Debut to Tour De Force:

Within a year of their inception, Indo Warehouse's infectious energy and genre-bending sound catapulted them to the forefront of the electronic music scene. Their debut compilation, "Year One," released in December 2022, showcased the collective's burgeoning talent, featuring tracks by Kahani, Kunal Merchant, Ethyr, and other rising stars. Their success culminated in their first North American tour in summer 2023, captivating audiences in cities like Montreal, Washington DC, and San Francisco with their immersive live performances and meticulously curated DJ sets.

Community and Collaboration:

Beyond captivating audiences with their music, Indo Warehouse fosters a strong sense of community. Their events are more than just parties; they are vibrant, sensory experiences that celebrate South Asian heritage and create a space for cultural exchange and discovery. Their commitment to collaboration extends beyond their core members, partnering with artists like Jyoty, Anish Kumar, and Ahadadream, and seeking to further connect with diverse creative voices like Sid Sriram and Talvin Singh.


Release Title Release Date Format Artist(s)
Year One  December 2022 Compilation Kahani, Kunal Merchant, Ethyr, AREUBLUE, Payal Jay, Anvaya
Duha  January 2023 Single


Safar  February 2023 Single

Kunal Merchant & Rahi

Khwaja  March 2023 EP Ethyr
Asha  April 2023 Single AREUBLUE & Anvaya
Naya Zamana  May 2023 EP Payal Jay
Garba Szn  June 2023 Single Kahani
Garba Szn 2  July 2023 Single Anvaya, AREUBLUE, Payal Jay
Peaking  August 2023 Single Kunal Merchant, Nimesh Patel
Rampage  September 2023 Single Kahani
Ventilate  October 2023 Single


New York Giddha  November 2023 Single

 Kahani, HARJI

Vatsalya  December 2023 Single


Jhoom  January 2024 Single




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