The year is 2024, and the bass is thumping in the hearts of Indian bassheads. Eight long years have passed since the dubstep messiah, Skrillex, graced our stages with his electrifying beats. But the fire hasn't died down – the demand for his return is at an all-time high. Social media is buzzing, and the collective consciousness hums with a singular desire: #BringSkrillexBackToIndia.

It's no surprise. Skrillex's 2015 tour was a watershed moment for Indian dance music. His genre-bending energy resonated deeply with a generation yearning for something new, something raw, something that pushed boundaries. The shows were legendary, mosh pits turned into ecstatic dancefloors, and anthems like "Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites" echoed through packed arenas.


The call is clear: India wants Skrillex back in 2024. It's more than just a concert; it's a cultural moment, a chance to reconnect with a defining artist, and to experience the electrifying power of music that transcends borders and generations. So, Skrillex, Sunburn,  are you listening? We're waiting with open ears and pounding hearts. Let the bass drop in India once again!

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