Gin Explorers Club Retroverse Edition 2024 is revving up for a two-day party in Mumbai, and you're invited to jump in the time machine.

Mark your calendars:

    • Dates: January 20th & 21st, 2024
    • Time: 2 PM onwards (party 'til you drop!)
    • Venue: Jio World Garden, Mumbai (swanky open-air turf, 4.5-star Google rating, need we say more?)

 Artist Lineup and Schedule:

Gin Explorers Club Retroverse Edition 2024 artist lineup

Kibo and Ashley Alvare are opening for the Gin Explorers Club and setting up whole night vibe.

Headliner : Tech Panda x Kenzani and Sickflip 

Tech Panda x Kenzani music is beautiful mixture energetic vibe, catchy melodies, and a unique fusion of electronic and Indian sounds..

Check there Bagrian Haveli Set to know the vibe of music:


 Sickflip music is come with lot surprises, vibrant tapestry of electronic beats, genre-bending exploration, emotional depth, and pure party energy. It's  sounds are fresh and unique. 

You get to know what is mean by genre-bending exploration By Sickflip Boiler Room x DGTL:

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