Fred again.., the South London producer and songwriter who skyrocketed to fame in 2023, cemented his place in the electronic music scene by winning not one, but two awards at the prestigious 66th Annual Grammy Awards held on February 5, 2024.

While technically only one award is credited directly to his name, Fred again..'s collaborative spirit and unique approach to music shone through both victories. Let's break down his double win:

Best Dance/Electronic Album: Actual Life 3 

Fred again.. took home the award for his critically acclaimed "Actual Life 3 (January 1 – September 9 2022)." This genre-bending album, a tapestry of voicemails, samples, and collaborations, is more than just a collection of songs; it's an intimate sonic diary chronicling the first nine months of 2022. While featuring a diverse range of artists, the album remains distinctly Fred again..'s vision, showcasing his talent for weaving together disparate elements into a cohesive and emotionally resonant listening experience.

Best Dance/Electronic Recording: "Rumble" - Skrillex & Flowdan

Sharing the stage (and the award) with electronic music giants Skrillex and Flowdan, Fred again.. co-produced the winning track "Rumble." This electrifying dance floor anthem pushes boundaries with its innovative sound design and infectious energy. Fred again..'s signature knack for blending genres and incorporating samples is evident in "Rumble," adding a unique layer to the collaboration.

These dual wins solidify Fred again..'s position as a rising star in the electronic music scene. His innovative approach to songwriting, production, and collaboration not only resonates with audiences but also garners recognition from the industry's highest honors. It's safe to say that 2024 is just the beginning for Fred again.., and we can expect to see him continue to push boundaries and create groundbreaking music in the years to come.

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