Yo fam, get ready to shred the dance floor at Echo Arena on December 17th! This ain't your nana's bingo night; we're talking pulsating beats, mind-melting visuals, and a lineup of DJs hotter than a vindaloo. So ditch the FOMO and dive into this guide for everything you need to know about this sick AF event.

The Headliner Queen: Nina Kraviz

Move over, Badshah, there's a new queen in town! Nina Kraviz, the techno goddess herself, is blessing Echo Arena with her infectious energy and genre-bending sets. Expect a sonic storm of acid, trance, and industrial that'll have you dancing like nobody's watching (except maybe the security guard, but who cares?).

Supporting Squad: Ready to Slay

But hold up, Nina ain't the only star in this sky. She's got a squad of fire DJs ready to set the dance floor on fire:

    • Ankytrixx: This rising star blends progressive house, techno, and psytrance like a pro, get ready to lose yourself in the groove.
    • Ahshit Shetty: A veteran with crowd control skills smoother than butter, Ahshit's deep techno and driving house grooves will keep you movin' all night.
    • Antiskye: Don't let the name fool you, Antiskye's sets are anything but mellow. Her powerful techno, electro house, and acid mixes will blow your mind.
    • Katyagur: One of India's hottest female DJs, Katyagur brings a fresh take on progressive house and techno. Expect surprises and pure dancefloor fire.
    • Saarvey: Goa's own party starter, Saarvey's groovy tech house and minimal techno sets are the perfect soundtrack to a night of uninhibited fun.
    • Shaun Mooses: This deep tech and techno master knows how to craft atmospheric sets that'll take you on a journey. Prepare to get lost in the music.
    • What Not: This DJ collective is all about genre-bending madness. From techno to disco, they'll take you on a wild ride you won't forget.
    • S.Samo: Get ready for a psychedelic trip with S.Samo's high-energy trance sets. Let the driving beats and trippy melodies wash over you.

 Venue Deets

Echo Goa is new Venue but the address is old goa

 House No. 600/1, Ground Floor, beside Raeeth, Vagator, Goa, 403509


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